10th Strategic Conference Value of innovation

Digital transformation for informed decision-making in healthcare 

October 7th, 2021  


For the 10th year in a row, Forum of International Research and Development Pharmaceutical Companies, EIG (Forum) organized a strategic conference, The Value of Innovation, where we sought answers to pressing questions and offered insight into innovations in pharmacy and healthcare.


This year, we addressed the field of digitalization and usage of data with distinguished speakers and guests. Progress in these areas means more comprehensive patient care, and in the long run it brings savings to the health system and significantly contributes to its resilience and ability to respond to crisis situations.

The 10th Strategic Conference Value of Innovation was held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor.

Welcome speech 

Jurij Stariha, MSc, President of Forum of International Research and Development Pharmaceutical Companies Board

Janez Poklukar, health minister
Digitalization as backbone for best treatment outcomes 

Data and Digital: Making Europe a world leader in life sciences
Nathalie Moll, Director General of European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)

Data and AI in medical technologies 
Michael Strübin, Director of Digital Health at MedTech Europe 

How health data is driving innovation
prof. Dipak Kalra, PhD, President at The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data

Finland – EU role model on innovative health data management
Minna Hendolin, PhD, Leading Specialist in Sitra’s Health Data 2030 project

Digitization – the foundation for achieving the best treatment results, Ministry of health perspective
Bogdan Tušar, Acting Director General of the Directorate for Health System Development at the Ministry of Health

Use of data – the foundation for achieving the best treatment results, National Institute for Public Health perspective
Metka Zaletel, Head of Health Data Centre at National Institute of Public Health Slovenia

Digitization – the basis for achieving the best treatment results -Health Insurance Institute perspective
Anka Bolka, Director of Field for Development and Analysis at Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia
New breakthrough therapies and technologies on horizon

Local Breakthroughs for global progress
prof. Roman Jerala, PhD, Head of the Department of Synthetic Biology and Immunology at the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana and a full professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Ljubljana

The Future of RNA technology
prof. Borut Štrukelj, PhD, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Biology at the Faculty of Pharmacy University of Ljubljana

Pepper – the first humanoid robot to support hospital care
Izidor Mlakar, PhD, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor and Maribor University Medical Centre

Improving Patient Outcomes through Smart Insulin Pens
Christian Theil Lundgaard, MSc, Head of Global Digital Health partnership at Novo Nordisk

From COVID-19 to all vaccines: how to realize a common electronic vaccination card across the EU
Jean-Louis Koeck, founder of MesVaccins.net platform 
How to best prepare for the future? 

The year ahead is the morning of the digital transformation of Slovenian healthcare
Gregor Cuzak, MSc, MBA,  Co-creator and co-organiser of HealthDay.si

Benefits of digitalization and data sharing for patients 
Maja Južnič Sotlar, Vice president of EuropaColon Slovenia 

Closing remarks
Barbara Stegel, MSc,  Secretary general at Forum of International Research and Development Pharmaceutical Companies

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